iPhone Canada Networks

iPhone Canada Networks

How to know my career is Nexther Canada service???

USE TOOL Name:   http://www.unlockking.us/product-and-services/parent/1006/9f396fe44e7c05c16873b05ec425cbad/Next-Tether-GSX-Genuine-Info-Via-IMEI-ServiceSIMLockCarrier-Info-for-All-iPhone-Models-1-to-12hours-.html

even u can use Gsx instant service or Regular service for checking if 100% Canada service or not


WARNING: If you don't check properly if the phone show "Next Tether = Canada Service" before place the order and then our supplier realize you didn't. Then you'll just LOSS your money as the supplier won't refund !!!!

You can order max. 21 IMEI of this service
You can enter several serial numbers (one per line) if you have several similar phones (for the same service and the same information).

Terms & Conditions Before making CANADA Network iPhone order

1) This service is valid for Network specified in listing title
2) Please make sure to choose right phone model which is mentioned in provided with listing or listing title(iPhone 3gs,4,4s,5,5c,5s) wrong Model not listed ordered No Refund. The phone should be activated in order to get it unlock.
3) After making an order, please send us your correct IMEI number (This can be done by typing *#06# and it is 15 digit code).
4) Unlocking Estimated Time is Business working days but it may take more time depending upon high order volume or in case servers are down.
   In any case, your order is important to us and we try our best to get it processed asap and admire your patience in the meantime.
   If Your order is overdue than the respected time, there  won't be any cancellation until supplier approves cancellation, in case you refund your customer without we getting cancellation approval u can consider it as total loss
5) If IMEI or Network provided by you is wrong,   ( Using Gsx Show your the Right Network Locked)
   If Phone Must Not Have Replacement Information (Using Gsx Shows if it has replacement Information)
   We won't be in a position to offer you refund.
   Always DO Gsx Check Before making an order user Tool name: iPhone & iPad Full GSX Check ( Carrier, SimUnlock Current Status)

6) You will need to connect your phone to Itunes to activate your phone(or simply put a cross-network sim in your phone and connect it to wifi).
7) If there is any question before buying, please feel free to ask to avoid any future disappointments and misunderstanding.
8) In case our Server rejects your order and it's not due to IMEI or Network issue, we will give you a full refund.
9) If The carrier decides to relock your phone we are not responsible. This occurs 0.01%, no refund will be issued
10) Do Not Order Already Unlocked IMEIS, no refund will be an issue.
11) The Service cannot remove Icloud Status Find My iPhone, no refund will be issued


All our advertised prices are negotiable in the event you find a cheaper deal from one of our competitors with valid Proof, Orders In hand.

Pricing is updated based on Market competition and currency variations.

Pricing is subject to change anytime without notice on rare occasion.

Verification & Refund Policy

1) If Your order is not unlocked run a Gsx Report using website using Tool name: iPhone & iPad Full GSX Check ( Carrier, SimUnlock Current Status)

and contact support email id  with Server ORDER ID +GSX REPORT

We shall not verify any order until GSX REPORT is provided by the customer.The Gsx report must only be processed only on our web page the third party Gsx Reports Are not


2) Once We Get The Required Information of customer showing order id and valid Gsx Report We shall Notify to Supplier and Request for verification if it will be

Unlocked again or Approve for Refund Process.

3) Verification process is respected to complete as earliest as possible we shall try best efforts in case its delay from supplier we need to wait until getting Result
Patience is Required at times to Solve the issues.

Only if accept 100% the Above Terms and conditions feel free to make an order.

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